Shiba Inu Tenugui Towel
Shiba Inu Tenugui Towel

Shiba Inu Tenugui Towel

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Shiba Inu Tenugui Towel

Color: Shiba Inu Red (black one is not included)

Made in Japan, Cotton 100%, Size: Approx. 14.6 x 35.4 inch (37 x 90 cm)

  •  CUTE SHIBA INU DESIGN:  Kawaii shiba inu design! Shibaken tenugui is great for shiba inu or nihonken lovers! Even if you don't have shiba dogs, these happy and kawaii shiba dog washcloth makes you feel like you're always with shibas!
  • TENUGUI: Tenugui are made of a light cotton, and are traditionally used by the Japanese as headbands, towels, or for wrapping bottles. They are also used in martial arts such as kendo, where people wrap them around their heads.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: The tenugui was dyed each piece by hand using the traditional craft technique called "Hamamatsu Chusen," which has a history of over 100 years.
  • HOW TO CARE: TENUGUI, Japanese hand towels, are made of cotton. The edges of the tenugui are left unfinished to accommodate various uses. They may fray slightly with use but will gradually tighten up after being washed several times. Please do not pull the frayed threads forcefully; instead, cut them with scissors.
  • Size: Approx. 14.6 x 35.4 inch (37 x 90 cm)
    Material: Cotton 100%
    Origin: Japan

<CAUTION> This product may lose its color, so when washing, launder it separately from other clothes. Please wash it alone for the first two or three times, without using detergent, and dry it in the shade.

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